Next generation laminates

Italian laminate company produced new generation laminates. They have started to produce CLPL (continuous low pressure laminates). These have some advantages against CPL . In CLPL The impregnation is directly on the paper. If it is impacted it deforms in elastic way without presenting cracks.

Lamitex produces in different series like Sincrolam, Decometal, Verlam, Luxlam. They are completely without formaldehyde, with perfect qualitative and aesthetic characteristics.

Can be produed in variety of colors, wood decors, trendy drawings, metallized effects, high gloss surfaces.

Aplication on several surfaces like plywood, chipboard, mdf, gypsum plasterboard, glass and others are easier.
For more information see website of Lamitex.

A boiserie company from Italy

If you like boiseri decoration in your house, office, hotel or shopping projects you should contact this company. Santo Passaia.
Santo Passaia company was founded in 1953.
They produce highest quality boiserie, furniture and related products.
They produce kitchen, living room, bedroom, hotel, yacht decorations.
We have organised meetings, company visits for Santo Passaia.
Photos are taken from their website.

Glues and varnishes for parquet

Adesiv is an Italian company established in 1971 in Italy.
We have organised meeting with several well known local parquet companies to their export manager.
Their main products groups are:
  • Levelling primers and additives.
  • Adhesives for wood floors
  • Varnishing and auxilary products (mono component, bi component varnishes, water based varnishes ....)
  • Adhesives for carpeting and resilient textile flooring
For more information please check their website.

Giaretta classic and modern furniture

From Giaretta company Mr. Pierluigi Giaretta have participated our meetings.
Giaretta company presented their production to local companies.
Giaretta have been producing furniture since 1933 and today their furnitures are produced in 3 different factories.
Their production organization makes it possible to offer a wide and complete range of items: from old-style to modern and office furniture.
For classic furniture they have different series like
A collection of classical furniture with antique walnut finish, designed and produced in accordance with the Venetian traditional style. All the items of this collection are made of cultivated woods: tulipier for cabinets, coffee tables and bedrooms, beech for tables and chairs.

A collection of furniture made of cultivated woods: American cherry and red alder woods for wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets, beech for tables and chairs. The antique and distressed cherrywood finish, characterised by several paint coats by hand, and the natural wax polish give each piece of furniture a long-lived look. The collection includes more than 40 items: cupboards, show-cases, commodes, coffee tables, tables and chairs.

A collection of classical furniture with antique walnut finish. The large variety of items and the low price have been the strong points of this collection for more than 30 years.
A collection of classical furniture made of massive popular and some antique wood details. Each piece of this collection is a copy of an antique, and thanks to the special varnishing process, characterised by several paint coats by hand and a final natural wax polish, it is very similar to the original one.
Furniture for executive offices and studies. Made of high density melamine with briar finish.

for more information:

Doors from Italy : 3 Elle

Mr. Mauro Galassi and Mr. Aniceto Battani have participated a meeting.

3 Elle was founded as a wood working company in 1908. A well known company in the field of doors and windows.

3 Elle have different collections and models in the line of wooden doors and windows.

For the doors they have Artemisia, Tilia, Silene. Altea, Aloe, Agave, Iris, Gardenia,Timo collections.

For more information :

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